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Auxiliary System-Protecter system-Traveling Wave Data Acquisition Unit

Traveling Wave Data Acquisition Unit

The system provides accurate fault location solution for transmission and distribution power lines



Product Parameter

Perform standard

Products Advisory

 The fault distance Measurement error is less than ±150m irrelevant of line length, and
free from influences of following factors, which affect fault location accuracy of
traditional impedance measurement methods

Fault resistance
Voltage and current transformer (TV,TA) errors
Insufficient accuracy of line parameters due to neglecting of line transposing,

distributed capacitance, etc.
Uncertainty of zero sequence impedance due to variance of soil resistivity alone

the line corridor
Load flow
Traveling wave technique can be used to measure distance to fault in all kinds of

power lines, including
AC transmission lines
HVDC transmission lines
Seriously compensated transmission line
Lines with T branches